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Painted Turtles As Pets

The painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) is not your average aquatic turtle. This species (including its various subspecies) has the largest range of any north American turtle, and can found in suitable habitats from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of North America. It is also colorful, outgoing, moderately-sized, and very undemanding. Let’s take a closer [Continue]

How Do Turtle Eggs Breath?

A sea turtle nest gains an advantage from being between several inches (15 cm or more to top) to a yard (1 meter) under the surface of the sand. Temperature moderates as depth increases both in terms of absolute value and daily fluctuation. Water content of the sand stays stable of depths of the nest [Continue]

Who Uses Snake Repellers?

Who uses snake repellers? Snake repellers keep homes and other designated areas snake free and safe. There are a variety of snake repellers on the market that effectively remove snakes from locations they are not wanted. There are environmentally friendly repellers, natural repellers, homemade repellers, electronic repellers, chemical repellers and simple constructions like fences that [Continue]

Morphology of Snakes

Co-dominant: A visible mutation appears when a single gene in an allele is different than normal. Two different genes can bring a ‘super’ form of that gene which looks different than the single gene itself. Dominant: When a single allele is different than the normal allele. Het/Heterozygous: Has a gene inside of the snake that [Continue]

Four Tips For Better Horse Stall Maintenance

You love your horse. That’s no secret. Your equine companion brings you lots of joy and is even a great friend to you. But as a horse owner, you probably know the one thing that you don’t exactly love to do when it comes to your horse: cleaning the horse stall. The job can be [Continue]

Reducing Stress for First Time Horse Owners

Being a first time horse owner can be very stressful. Horses are very sensitive, large, powerful and expensive to own as pets. How do you know if your horse is colicky, and then what do you do? What do I feed my horse? Is my horse drinking enough water? What do you do for lameness [Continue]

Selecting The Best Horse Bedding

Do you have horses? Whether they are race horses, draft horses or horses for whatever purpose, horse bedding is one of the most vital ingredients in the upkeep of your animals. In this article, we will look at the options for horse bedding and why horse bedding is such an important part of the upkeep [Continue]

Missing Your Pet? Ideas to Ease Your Loss

Losing a pet can be just as painful as losing a beloved family member or a dear friend. Therefore, it’s only natural that you will experience various emotions during this time including sadness, anger, grief and loneliness. Finding a great support system in order to help you move through your grief and the healing process [Continue]

Tick Prevention and Control

Your initial line of protection against ticks is to keep them away. Build a fence to help keep deer, a well-known host, away from the lawn. Employ repellent as well as traps to keep smaller rodents, including mice or chipmunks, removed from your property. If you can, install a two or three foot walkway of [Continue]

Choosing the Perfect Dog, Cat or Pet Bed

All of us pet owners know that our cats and dogs have very distinct personalities! Some are outgoing, some are a little more introverted and some just like being close to their owners. When choosing the perfect bed for your cat, dog or other pet, there are lots of factors to consider. Their personality traits [Continue]