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Digestive Supplements and Your Horses Nationally and internationally, many corporations create and distribute equine nutrition supplements. Your team of horses will need supplementation for a wide variety of reasons. Because of the large amount of supplementation choices, selection can be extremely confusing. Selecting the wrong choice can be problematic, so it is important to educate yourself to the existing supplements. Many horses have joint ailments, especially as they age. In order to prevent some of that degeneration from happening, supplementing with joint specific supplements is ideal for equine health. In order to keep your horse’s mobility at maximum functioning, glucosamine is a fantastic addition. It has been verified that glucosamine can help with connective tissue recreation and cushion ailing or degenerating joints. This is one of the most common supplementation varieties. There are some supplements that are ideal to add to horse feed. Feed balancers are what these supplements are typically referred to as. This type of supplement can be either vitamins or probiotic, and can help add to the nutrition of the feed. In cooler temperatures, there are some gaps that need filled in with feed balancing. Digestive support is great for horse teams, and these feed balancers can aid in digestive function and equine performance. Horse teams sometimes struggle with deficiency in minerals such as salt, and a supplement can remedy that issue. Many people know about salt licks for deer and other wild creatures, but they are also a great choice for equine teams. Placing mineral supplements in the general living area of your horses can help supplement their diet.
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Occasionally, horses may have issues with exhaustion and sluggish behavior. A wonderful equine supplement for sluggishness is omega 3 fatty acids. Respiratory health and joint health can also be assisted by the addition of this particular supplement.
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Contrarily, excitability is also occasionally an issue in equine teams. Commonly, horses that participate in competitive horseback riding events will need a horse calming medication. Other horses become stressed during travel situations and may need relaxation supplements at that time. Supplements known as horse calmers are ideal in this situation. Mares need nutritional supplements more commonly than stallions. Often, when a mare becomes pregnant, she will suffer from discomfort and may need to take an equine supplement to ease her issues. Caution is needed, because the unborn foal is sensitive to many of the contents in equine supplements. Products are made by supplement distributors with pregnant mares specifically in mind. Looking through a supplement distribution center, it may be stressful to know what you want to purchase. After looking into the various options available that work for a variety of needs, you will find that the choice is far less complicated than initially thought. From lethargy to joint problems, there is something for every horse team.

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