Missing Your Pet? Ideas to Ease Your Loss

Losing a pet can be just as painful as losing a beloved family member or a dear friend. Therefore, it’s only natural that you will experience various emotions during this time including sadness, anger, grief and loneliness. Finding a great support system in order to help you move through your grief and the healing process is a great idea. Some of the ideas below could also help ease your loss.

Host a Memorial

Just as you would host a memorial for a family member or friend, hosting a memorial for your pet may be something you would like to do. Sharing special words with guests and inviting everyone to recall special moments that they had with your pet can be very comforting. There are shops, both in-person and online, that sell memorial stones suitable for pets. You could then have your pet buried in an area around the outside of your home that she loved, such as under a tree or near the garden. This can help you ease your loss by knowing your pet will live on in a place that she once loved.

Pet Portrait

It is never a good idea to pretend as if you never had a pet; instead, remember the memories and cherish them, even if it hurts. This is one of the only paths to closure that you will have. You can create a scrapbook full of pictures of your pet, as well as having a favorite pet portrait to display within your home. This allows you to remember great times with your pet, especially on those days when the grief gets the better of you.

Keep a Journal

Writing about your pet is another good idea to consider. This allows you to speak freely about the emotions that are going through your mind without having to hear the thoughts or opinions of others. You can write a short story pertaining to the good times you shared with your pet or a nice poem that describes everything that your pet meant to you. Keeping a journal will help you move through your grief.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

While it may be too soon to take ownership of another pet, volunteering at an animal shelter is something you may want to consider. The act of caring for a homeless animal in desperate need of love could help you ease the loss of your pet. When you are emotionally ready to welcome another pet into your home, you will know it; until then, you can ease your grief and sadness by caring for a homeless pet at an animal shelter. If and when you do decide to bring another pet into your home, adopting one from the shelter would be a great way to honor the memory of the pet that you have lost.

If you already have other pets living inside of your home, be sure to take special care of them, as they will be suffering from the loss as well.

Support Groups

While many people may understand the loss that you are experiencing after your pet has died, some will not. Therefore, you may want to consider joining a support group to help ease your loss. You can join support groups for pet owners within your community or you can join these groups via the internet. The members of these groups have experienced the loss of a pet and their purpose is to help you through the grieving process by sharing their wisdom with you.

It is important that you give yourself time to heal after you have lost a pet. This is a deep blow to your heart, and it is okay to allow yourself time to grieve over the loss. The pain you are experiencing is very real, but using the ideas above could help ease your feelings of loss. Remember you are not alone and that there are many others who understand your pain.

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